Industrial & Technology

Your partner in Industrial and Technology recruitment. We understand the unique demands of Engineering, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, and Green Energy roles. Our specialised focus ensures we identify and recruit the best talent tailored to your specific needs.

We implement a meticulous recruitment process, including:

Skills Assessments

We evaluate candidates’ proficiency in relevant skills, ensuring they meet the highest standards in their respective fields.

Background Checks

Conducting thorough background checks to ensure candidates are reliable and trustworthy.


Multiple rounds of interviews to assess candidates’ expertise, problem-solving abilities, and cultural fit with your company.

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Ready to enhance your industrial and technology team with top-notch professionals? Contact us today to discuss your recruitment needs. Our dedicated team is here to provide you with exceptional service and the highest quality candidates to support your business.

Contact: Conor Bannon
Phone: +353 86 771 8686 / +353 16 87 6442


Diverse Talent Pool

Our extensive network includes professionals across various industrial and technology sectors


Skilled in designing, developing, and optimising systems and processes.

Life Science Experts

Proficient in research, development, and application of biological and medical sciences.

Manufacturing Specialists

Experienced in production management, quality control, and operational efficiency.

Pharmaceutical Professionals

Experts in drug development, regulatory compliance, and pharmaceutical research.

Green Energy Innovators

Talented individuals dedicated to advancing sustainable energy solutions and technologies.

Let Orange Recruitment be your partner in achieving industrial and technological excellence through outstanding recruitment solutions. Together, we can drive innovation and operational success in your organisation.

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Ensure compassion, expertise and innovation for all.

Admin & Support

Achieve operational excellence through outstanding support.

Business Professionals

Build a stronger and more efficient organisation today.