Orange Recruitment is one of Ireland’s leading Public Sector Recruitment Specialists.

Part of the Facilitas Group and listed by the Commissioner for Public Service Appointments (CSPA), we provide the Irish Public Sector with comprehensive and flexible solutions. 

Our consultants have a proven track record in providing staffing resources (permanent, contract & temporary) across all sectors of the public sector.

Our services provide best in class to both employers and further employees, with 20 years plus experience in the sector our clients include:

Our Services

Permanent Recruitment

We specialise in finding long-term placements that match the right talent with the right roles, ensuring a perfect fit for both candidates and employers.

Temporary & Contingency Staffing

Our temporary and contingency staffing solutions provide flexibility and efficiency, helping businesses manage their workforce needs effectively.

Executive Search

Our executive search service identifies and recruits top-tier leadership talent to drive your organisation forward effectively.

Managed Services

We offer comprehensive managed services to streamline your recruitment processes, from sourcing to onboarding.

Public Sector Recruitment

Listed by the Commissioner for Public Service Appointments (CSPA), we provide the Irish Public Sector with comprehensive and flexible solutions.

Talent Development

We offer development services designed to enhance skills, foster growth, and advance your professional journey.

Our Clients

Our Sectors


Ensure compassion, expertise and innovation for all.

Admin & Support

Achieve operational excellence through outstanding support.

Industrial & Technology

Drive organisational success and ensure compliance.

Business Professionals

Build a stronger and more efficient organisation today.

Talent Development

Career Development

We’re committed to helping organisations to create space for their people to grow and develop through forward thinking, industry focussed training for a 21st century workplace, delivered by expert educators and industry professionals.


1. Probity

Respect for all.

2. Merit

Equality of opportunity.

3. Best Practice

Efficient appointment process.

4. Consistency

Consistent selection process.

5. Transparency

Open and active communication.

6. Appointments

Promoting equality, diversity and inclusion.

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