About the NCSE

The NCSE is presently undergoing a significant organizational expansion which will enhance the delivery of services. 

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They have developed a service delivery strategy based on three fundamental values: community, inclusion, and excellence.

The NCSE is determined to encourage all stakeholders to practice conscious inclusion and equity-mindedness. Working for the NCSE entails actively contributing to the advancement of inclusive education, ensuring that all students, regardless of their needs, receive the individualized support they require to completely participate in their day-to-day school activities.

The NCSE is a diverse and inclusive workforce, with access to remote working opportunities and family-friendly work practices. In addition, owing to the wide geographical structure, they have employment opportunities in every county of the Republic of Ireland. Working with the NCSE you will collaborate with a diverse group of stakeholders, including educators, parents, and policymakers, to drive positive change in the education sector. This means you can see the real impact of your work on students’ lives, which is incredibly rewarding.

As an NCSE employee, you will have numerous opportunities for career advancement. The NCSE prioritizes employee development by providing a supportive work environment, professional development opportunities, and competitive compensation packages. They offer many opportunities for you to improve your skills and knowledge, which is not only beneficial for employees but also helps the organization succeed. In addition to recognizing the need to support staff well-being through dedicated interventions, the NCSE is known for being an open and inclusive employer, where employees have the ability to influence workplace decisions through their feedback, thereby ensuring excellent service for children and youth, their families, and the community as a whole.

Role: Special Educational Needs Organiser (SENO)

A Special Educational Needs Organiser (SENO) employed by the National Council for Special Education (NCSE) plays a crucial function within the framework of special education. SENOs are charged with a variety of responsibilities to ensure that students with special educational needs (SEN) receive individualised support and services.

Working as a SENO you will assess and identify students with SEN, working alongside schools, parents, and professionals. You work directly within the education sector at primary, post primary and special school levels. The work involves significant interaction with parents/children, teachers and school leaders, health care professionals, school authorities, HSE and other relevant government agencies.

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SENOs aid in the development of Individual Education Plans (IEPs) that outline the specialized assistance necessary for each student. They also facilitate the allocation of essential resources, such as extra teaching support and assistive technology.

The development of close collaboration and partnership with relevant stakeholders, through a community-based delivery model, is a fundamental aspect of the role and SENOs work diligently to signpost, advise and inform all stakeholders relevant to the needs of the student with special educational needs in a complex and changing educational context. The SENO role is a multi-faceted and responsive role aimed at supporting the inclusion of the student with special needs in their appropriate educational setting. SENOs provide valuable professional development opportunities for educators and ensure schools adhere to national policies governing special education. SENOs are dedicated advocates, ensuring that children with SEN receive the best educational support possible.

Each SENO has a designated geographical area and works in a team reporting to a Team Manager. Each team is comprised of a number of professionals, including advisors, visiting teachers, therapists and behaviour practioners. SENOs work reflectively on the processes and protocols that support students with special education needs and form an integral part of NCSE delivery to schooling communities, students and their parents.Acting as liaisons, SENOs bridge the gap between schools, parents, and external agencies, fostering collaboration to provide suitable services and interventions for SEN students. They may also mediate disputes and offer conflict resolution solutions.


Eligibility Criteria

Candidates must have:

  1. Level 8 on the National Framework of Qualifications in a relevant field.
  1. At least one years’  experience working in the area of education and/or care of children with special educational needs, or the delivery of other services to people with disabilities.  

Essential Requirements

Candidates must also:

  • demonstrate maturity of judgment and effective interpersonal and communication skills;
  • have the ability to assess and deal with difficult or emotive issues in a realistic and constructive manner, particularly in face-to-face situations;
  • have excellent interpersonal, operational, organisational, and problem-solving skills;
  • have excellent communications skills, both oral and written;
  • have an open and flexible approach to work;
  • have a good understanding of special education needs, issues, and services;
  • be able to work effectively as a team member under the direction of the Team Manager;
  • be able to make decisions within the parameters set down by NCSE management;
  • be able to work on their own initiative, including the ability to manage time effectively and to manage and prioritise workloads;
  • have the capacity to develop a strong network of relevant local and other contacts inside and outside the organization;
  • have the capacity to develop and implement innovative but workable solutions within the prevailing Department of Education policy parameters to unusual problems/situations which may arise from time to time;
  • have an understanding and commitment to the administrative aspects of the role including records management;

Previous roles

Role: Research & Evaluation Officer

This role will focus on managing and delivering a programme of practice-based research within schools as well as conducting research directly including evaluations of key NCSE supports and services. This is an Assistant Principal Officer grade role, Assistant Principal Officer is a senior managerial grade in the Civil Service and is a critical management role in implementing government policy in the economic, financial, international, environmental and/or social arenas. While the responsibilities and key deliverables for the role of Assistant Principal in the Civil Service will vary depending on the sector and Department/Office, this role will focus specifically on Research and Evaluation for the NCSE.

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The key duties of the Research and Evaluation Officer will be to oversee and manage all aspects of the NCSE’s programme of practice-based research within schools and conduct the evaluation of the pilot phase. Conduct evaluation research on NCSE/DE services and supports, in particular for new and pilot initiatives. Produce research reports of a publishable and accessible standard along with easy to read summaries. Prepare analytical and discussion papers on relevant special education and inclusion issues as required and also in response to reports, policy advice and submissions. Manage commissioned research as required, including tendering, contract and budget management, research review and quality assurance and preparing reports for publication. Plan for and oversee the dissemination of key outputs from the NCSE research to target audiences through a variety of means.

Role: National Co-Ordinator for local service

The National Co-ordinators are responsible for the co-ordination, oversight and delivery of frontline services in the areas under their management. National Co-ordinators provide direct management and co-ordination of service to a number of Team Managers within a specific geographic NCSE region. National Co-ordinators hold responsibility for the ongoing professional support, liaison and co-ordination of consistent practice for key professions in regional teams in line with the NCSE Customer Charter. The role has additional project management based responsibilities and works to ensure consistency in NCSE frontline delivery in line with statutory and legal responsibilities on a National basis. As integral members of the Inclusion Teams, National Co-ordinators work to ensure delivery of NCSE service to the education sector, students and their families.

 Applications for this role are now closed